Everyday Threats to Our System

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The human body is a complex machinery of systems that need to work perfectly for us to live. Actually, the human body is the most complex system on the planet. There is so much we know, but then again, there is so much we don’t know about our own bodies. There are a lot of things in our everyday environment that pose a threat to our bodies and therefore, our lives. Some of them are visible to the eye but some dangers are not.


Gasses, for example, are not visible for the human eye, therefore, with inhalation they can cause serious problems to the respiratory system. From the respiratory system, the hazardous particles can spread into every organ we have. This human body can also be vulnerable to different kinds of allergies. Some people are allergic to pollen, others to dust, but almost everybody can feel the negative effects of mold.


Mold can be found in buildings and houses and it can contain harmful bacteria. The building materials used for the house provide the mold with the nutrients it needs to grow.  Mold grows in places with a lot of moisture caused by leaks, cracked windows, pipes, flooding, or bad isolation, and can grow everywhere in your home. You can find it on carpets, fabrics, walls, and wallpapers, you can find it even on the insulation that’s meant to protect you from it. Mold is especially attached to wet materials such as paper wood, fabrics, and walls, and attacks the upper respiratory system which may cause respiratory infections, cough, asthma, or even pneumonia. That is why it’s very important to protect our lungs for this everyday threat.



In order to protect yourself from mold in your home, try to control the humidity level, do regular drifts, cleaning, and drying. Especially ventilate the rooms in your house where you use water. The shower, laundry room, and the kitchen are especially vulnerable to mold. Also, fixing the roof from leaking and regularly maintaining the internal infrastructure like pipes and insulation is very important to fight moldy areas. If there is too much mold in your home take steps to reduce it, such as using an air purifier for mold. These devices can help clean the air and reduce moisture might be very useful in the rainy months.

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