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No one likes the idea of chemical extermination, even for those nasty roaches that invade now and then. It does the job but it is hardly green. It can be toxic to others besides pests such as humans and pets. So why use this old-school process? You must deal with roaches and you don’t know what else to do. People feel that having them is a sign of lack of cleanliness although this may or may not be the case. Sometimes they just find their way in whether or not you leave food on your kitchen counter. Some regions are more prone than others, so you live with it and hire a service.

I am here to tell you that you need not depend exclusively on traditional spray control. People have been working on non-toxic products for years. I know—you don’t trust them or find them as effective. Once you obliterate a roach, you never want it to once again rear its ugly head. So, you bait them with traps that your pets get curious about. I would never leave a cat or dog in a house with them. Then there is the problem that people put them in roach hiding places such as under the sink and forget about them until they stack up and become unsightly. Or maybe they are in the bathroom and one night you step on one. It is not a pleasant thought.

It is time to get down to using the power of nature for roach control. I know of some holistic approaches and so should you. I also have experimented with making my own powders and solutions. I have a problem in my apartment building laundry room and have taken it upon myself to do something about it before the landlord starts chemical treatment. Of course, I am going to let him know if I am successful. Pets are not allowed in the laundry room so there isn’t fear of harming them, but nonetheless I still want to use a green solution to an age-old problem. I will then let people know about it and they can borrow my product for their homes.

It is simple to use plants and herbs for pest control. The Chinese use them holistically for medicine and they are quite effective for many ailments. Add acupuncture and you have a complete program for good health. I have found that oleander ground into a powder and mixed with white cider vinegar works well when applied to affected areas. You can sponge it around the baseboard of any room and come back in a few hours. You will then no doubt find a carcass or two that you can simply pick up with a bit of newspaper and toss it in the trash, preferably in a plastic bag so it won’t fall out.

I believe in holistic living and that means pest control for roach killing. Join me and avoid chemical contamination of your home.

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