Keeping the Analytical and the Creative

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Before, during and after medical school, I just love to sew. Have you ever loved a piece of clothing so much that the very thought of throwing it away gives you the headaches no matter how small the clothing has gotten or how used up it looks? Well, I am here to tell you that you can save yourself from that headache by recycling those clothes. You can have fun on the sewing machine creating new designs from the piece of clothing you have come to love and treasure so much. The essence of the whole experience is not to throw that piece of clothing away no matter how torn up it may be, okay not too torn up, just a standard amount of torn.


Creating things on a sewing machine is magical, you use a piece of fabric and transform it into pieces of clothing, from dresses to shirts to skirts, name it. The same can be done with old clothes. The material from old clothes is torn, I know that sounds painful but trust me it is for a good cause. Okay, the content is split so that it in its initial state before it was made into that dress you loved so much. The next thing is to join the spilt fabric with some new one to create a unique design. Make sure the two or three materials you use coincides with the fabric you are using. You do not want to be looking like a clown or flowers in the street. But if you are looking for that hippie look, then use all the colours you want. The 70s were marked with the hippie movement were their mantra was always peace. I think that is something lacking in the world today. So the hippier, the better.


If you are going for the hippy look, use smooth and flowing fabrics, material that is not too tight on you, because we all know that is not peaceful. The hippie movement had a thing with vests. So you can start from there, the best is very simple to make, with the original fabric you have split and a few other materials, you can make the flowy type of vest to wear on a hot day with your pair of jeans and sandals. All that and you did not have to through any piece of fabric away.


What happens when the fabric is too torn to be made into a piece of clothing? It is not a written rule that recycled clothes should only be made into new clothes. There are a lot of new creations a person can make from a simple dress; for example, the fabric can be cut out and made into table clothes or a handkerchief. We are not throwing anything out here; we are good eco-friendly people who only want the best for the world.


You can try so many other different creations and avoid throwing out pieces that can be joined to an ongoing created to make a quilt. There are lots you can do with just a simple used fabric, like splitting it to make doll clothes or your favourite Teddy Bear’s new pyjamas. The possibilities are endless; the same goes to the imagination. Just because medicine and science is highly analytical, doesn’t mean you need to put away your creative side.

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