Healthier Diet, Healthier You

Healthier Diet, Healthier You

There are lots of ways to eat a healthier diet and lots of ways to define a healthy diet. For one thing, people aren’t eating a healthy diet if they aren’t getting all of their nutrients. Healthy diets are also not full of a lot of unhealthy elements and chemicals. However, overall, eating a healthy diet is about keeping things in balance and moderation.

Eating some saturated fat is fine: saturated fat is not as bad as a lot of people think. You need to eat some cholesterol. You need some carbohydrates. You need some sodium. All of these macronutrients are maligned, and all of them are necessary in certain quantities. You only run into problems when you consume them in such high quantities that you’re not getting enough of other nutrients and you’re struggling to stay balanced in other ways.

I’m not one of those holistic health fans who believe that people should get rid of all processed foods. However, you do need to make sure that the processed food that you do eat is of a higher caliber than some of the stuff on the market today. There are healthier frozen meals, like Amy’s Frozen meals, and there is an entire Natural Foods section in most grocery stores today that is just full of fairly healthy processed stuff. You shouldn’t live on that. You need some stuff found in nature. However, there’s nothing wrong with processed food that’s basically made of the same stuff that people would cook for themselves anyway.

I want to say that having a healthier diet should not be about weight loss. Lots of people think about healthy diets purely in terms of weight loss, and they do themselves a really big disservice as a result. Lots of weight loss diets are really bad for you. People are still encouraged to go on processed food diets in order to lose weight, and they end up taking in a lot of salt, fat, and sugar as a result. That might make you thinner in the short-term, but you’re not going to get any healthier.

When people switch to a diet that is healthier, they really do usually feel better. The modern standard Western diet causes people to perk up and crash because of all the sugar. It’s so full of heavy meat that people feel overly full and bloated all day in many cases. The lack of important nutrients causes people to lose luster in their skin really early in the day.